Town hall meeting-Wed, May 15, 2019 7 pm @ RMDS, 10300 W Nassau Dr, Denver, CO 80235

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We provide multi sensory, multi modality classrooms to facilitate effective learning for students with learning disabilities

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The Future is READ Academy


 READ Academy will be a 6-12 Innovation School focusing on serving dyslexic students. READ Academy will focus on the strengths of dyslexics instead of weaknesses. We will provide  students a student-centered learning environment that challenges them academically and builds their resiliency. Our approach will teach dyslexics the way they learn best instead of the traditional teaching methods prevalent today. We will foster self-esteem by providing opportunities for success thereby avoiding higher rates of school avoidance, and other negative consequences of being a dyslexic student in the current system. 

Our Vision


 To create a learning environment to foster self-esteem and self-advocacy while using the newest proved methods of teaching reading to dyslexics while also focusing on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. 

Our Mission


  To help dyslexics realize their extraordinary abilities by empowering them to reach their educational and social potential and preparing them to be the future leaders of our global economy.

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READ Academy

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